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JF Talent Inc. finds talented People for clients on-and-between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States of America and Canada. Our practice specializes in working with some of the most innovative, creative, and emerging companies in the digital media, technology and software space. Whether you’re a two person company looking for your first developer, a small business owner seeking to fill a niche role or a large enterprise with time-sensitive headcount, you're covered. We've partnered on almost every search possible: executives, sales & marketing, engineering, and development.

Our expertise comes from a decade of helping clients source, interview, negotiate and hire the best talent. We've spent the time learning about the domains of Software as a Service, to Platform as a Service, to Infrastructure as a Service. We think about things like Net Neutrality, Encryption, Actionable Analytics and Industry 4.0. We know that if you are looking for the best, we have to be at our best. 

And, on top of this, JF Talent Inc. is also a proud member of NPAworldwide, the oldest recruiting network of its kind, founded in 1956 with an international membership of recruiting firms located across the globe. 


Our mission is simple: we want to help you find what you need. And at JF Talent Inc., we do this by implementing a method we call Sustainable Recruitment. Sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes over time. It's about open communication. The imparting and exchanging of information; and a means of connection over mere function. We are always attempting to do the "RIGHT" thing. Let's build sustainable altruistic relationships, not just partnerships.

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Areas of Practice

Sales Executives

"How did you do against your plan?" is a question that anyone can ask. We ask more. We know that the ever changing world of sales is about one thing: Knowing that your customers are People. We source and find only top shelf talent, the hunters who close deals and drive your revenue. 

Software Engineers

C#, Java, C++, JavaScript, or Ruby.  Many certifications. Most recruiters check boxes. But you want mastery of language over cursory of knowledge, and a dash of passion on top. We'll ask "could you write a program that reverses a string and then walk me through it" then "what are your personal projects?" And of course "how do you handle conflict!" - A must have for any development team. 

Sales Engineers

Today's market space is more technical than ever before. You have a selling environment that is constantly becoming more complex. We source the people who can jump from a pre-sales pitch demo, to a debug session with engineering, to an install on site at a brand new customer.

Recruitment Strategy

A new VP? Director? Just set up shop in a garage? The question is: where to start? It's ok, we've helped with this before. Key hires and large head-count meet your match. We'll help you plan and navigate the best options for you, your department and your company to grow. 

Marketing Executives

"You’ll be responsible for ensuring the delivery of a wide range of marketing initiatives!" - Said every job posting ever. Marketing in today's digital economy is about one thing: Authenticity. You need someone who understands what you do at the core. That's where we'll start our search. 

C-Level Executives & VP's

Potential. Personality. And leadership. Who and what make up these types of people? We believe there's a simple answer: Leaders spend their time thinking. We got the notion from William Deresiewicz's 2009 address at West Point Academy. Have a look here.


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
— Robert Frost


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